According to their purpose, stone plates are divided into two main groups. For the lining of plinths, walls, decorative walls, columns etc. 2-3 cm thick plates are used, and for pavement, it is recommended to use thicker plates – approximately 5 cm and stones with thickness of at least 10-20 cm..

The unofficial classification used by manufacturers and merchants is:

  • Lining plates, thickness 2–3 cm.
  • Pavement plates, thickness 3 cm, 5 cm,6 cm.

According to their rock composition, lining stone is divided into two main types – sandstone and foliated granite.
Foliated granite is much stronger and more wear-resistant than sandstone, but it depends to a great extent on the place of origin of the plates.
Foliated granite comes in twenty different varieties in terms of color – dark- and light-green, various shades of gray and yellow – from whiteish to dark-brown.

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