The company carries out professional shipping of a diversity of in Bulgaria and abroad. We fully cover the territory of Europe and our fleet consists of a wide variety of vehicles for the transportation of specific products and oversized loads. We provide not only transport, but also professional management including the care for the temporary storage of products. Our team will consult you and find the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs, so that you can focus on your other business tasks. What you can rely on by trusting “SKV Industries” EOOD, is flawless accuracy, timely deliveries, uncompromised attention to detail, loads in perfect condition and precise information on the location of your shipments.

The low rates are not our only advantage. Our company offers you business solutions, which improve the competitiveness of your business. Therefore, you can rely on the preparation of a common transport package, individually focused on the necessary solutions for your business. IN this way you can take into consideration all the specificities of your industry and choose the option, which serves your needs best. This will ensure flexibility that you have only dreamt of and help you pursue your ambitious objectives. At SKV Industries EOOD we will consider the type and weight of your shipment and choose the most appropriate vehicle. We guarantee efficiency and predictability, which you can rely on without any fail.

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